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My name is Despina Hatzimanolis and I have put this website together to support students completing the NSW stage 4 and 5 science syllabus using various resources. Please note that I do not make any money from this webpage and do not get any endorsements from any companies.

Links to resources that support the NSW syllabus

This is full of resources to encourage high school student to dig a little deeper into science understanding and skills that are is closely linked to the current NSW science syllabus. It is also usfeul for online learning, research and revsion.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander science connections

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Throughout this course, there are many examples of scientific contributions made by Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander communities.

I’d like to acknowledge the Traditional Owners whose knowledge is being shared with you on this webpage.

Warning. This website may contain the names and images of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people now deceased. This website also contains links to sites that may use images of Aboriginal and Islander people now deceased.